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we offer you unrivaled experience stretching across mining industry. Regarding mining equipment inspection, we help you to comply with all quality, safety and requirements, while ensuring optimum performance throughout the life-cycle of your assets and equipment.
Inspections are part of any good preventive maintenance program and they can be performed on any mining asset. Performing inspections can identify problems early enough to avoid major repairs. Given the high cost of mining equipment this can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in emergency repair/replacement and reduce unplanned production downtime. In addition, regular scheduled inspections may lower accident mining liability claims. Most importantly, regular scheduled inspections can help prevent mining tragedies and an unnecessary loss of life. we offer you unrivaled experience stretching across mining industry. With state-of-the-art resources and expertise and a unique global network, we can provide you with trusted equipment inspections in every corner of the world. Our inspectors perform the inspection according to the mining inspection rules in terms of: Exploitation of mineral deposits, take consideration not to waste mine resources, responsibility for administering the mine safety and inspection act. Also they use new methods and technologies.
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