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Power Generation
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Power Generation
Power plants, renewable power facilities, and transmission & distribution (T&D) assets are responsible for providing energy to homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure. Defects and damage in these assets can be catastrophic to facility performance and production, which can have a network of consequences across a power grid. Stress from regular operation makes power generation assets susceptible to defects such as cracking, corrosion, leaking, and a wide variety of other flaws that can combine to accelerate further asset degradation. Facility downtime limits overall production capacity and can lead to costly and hazardous system outages. Qualitor provides services to limit and avoid these outages across a variety of power generation facilities.
Expertise and services for the entire power generation and energy supply chain are available from us. Whether your product generates, distributes, or controls power, we can support your assurance, testing and inspection needs. We are experts on worldwide regulatory requirements and can provide you with third-party services. With extensive knowledge and experience of electric power systems. We offer the whole range of Quality, Health and Safety services for the Transmission & Distribution sector. We have a comprehensive array of inspection, engineering, maintenance, monitoring, and access services for a variety of power generation assets, including: Gas and Steam Turbines, Generators, Transformers, and Towers.
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